Cut Your Printing Costs

Let TBXI manage your printing services to make your organization more efficient and profitable.

About Managed Printing Services (MPS)

Managed Printing Services is an innovative way to better manage printing costs in your business or organization.

Printing costs are one of the largest uncontrolled costs in any workplace. With Managed Printing Services it is possible to take better control of costs and reduce unnecessary printing expenses. By centralizing all of your printing-related devices including printers, copiers and multifunction printers, TBXI can save you up to 30% of those stress causing expenses.

Managed Print Services also saves you time by simplifying the ordering process to a single vendor with next-day delivery. Our print monitoring software provides you with real-time print information to ensure you are never without the supplies you need. You can trust that TBXI’s print experts will maximize your productivity and continue to adjust your output management, to optimize business operations.

What can MPS do for you?

Cut costs on printing consumables, service, and cost-per-page

Consolidate invoicing to once a month, outlining print usage and cost-per-device

Monitor your printing fleet online including toner and service requirements

Reduce waste by ordering only the supplies you know you need

Enhance IT resources by eliminating help calls with TBXI’s onsite service

Continually update devices through remote maintenance and management

Small & Medium Business
Printing-related costs are hidden expenses that can damage business productivity right under your nose. Don’t let this affect your business’ success.

With TBXI’s centralized management of your networked print devices, you can save up to 30% of printing-related expenses to be directed back into building your enterprise. By leveraging what TBXI has to offer, and the most innovative technology available, you can focus your attention on more important things.

Large Enterprises
Large enterprises have large expenses – do you know where all of your money is going? Chances are a disproportionate amount of your business’ revenue is paying off printing-related costs.

Take advantage of TBXI’s printing experience and knowledge to free up budget for innovative projects and resources. Save time and money to advance your competitive position, while participating in sustainable practices to put your enterprise on top.