Cut Your Printing Costs by 30% in 30 Days

Most business aren’t sure what they’re spending on printing, or how their print environment is contributing to a lack of productivity.

Printing is the top third business expense, after rent and payroll. Without a firm grasp on your print environment, you are wasting time and money.

The good news it, TBXI can save you 30% of your overall printing expenses in 30 days.

STEP 1 - Create a Waste Reduction Strategy

Almost half of all printed pages are unnecessary, and the average lifespan of those printed pages is less than 5 minutes. TBXI’s rules-based printing eliminates waste by encouraging people to think before they print.

STEP 2 - Elimination of Toner- and Power-Hungry Printers

Chances are you’re working with an inefficient printer and missing out on emerging devices that virtually pay for themselves. The average multifunction printer costs up to $225 a year to power. To put that into perspective, if you filled up your gas tank with inkjet toner it would cost over $30,000 - crazy. Get rid of toner- and power-hungry machines in your business and create rules around the power efficiency of new devices.

STEP 3 - Create User Printing Profiles

Knowing who prints what, what is printed, how many times they print, and where they print can help you identify heavy-users who are costing your business. TBXI’s quick print assessment can tell you all this and more. You can use this information to accommodate all of your users by routing heavy print jobs to the most well-suited and efficient printers.

STEP 4 - Communicate Your New Rules

Announcing the fact you will be monitoring print jobs will save you up to 10%, as people will begin to self-monitor and edit their printing habits. If this isn’t your style, try phrasing it as a positive as you will have more money to spend on much needed resources and initiatives to benefit employees. Give examples and follow through.

STEP 5 - Eliminate Redundant Equipment

When three machines do the job of one newer device, you are unnecessarily draining energy, consuming paper, and spending money. Out with the old and unneeded, in with the new and efficient. Contact TBXI to start cutting your costs today!