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greener workplace

6 Easy Tips to a Green Office

Going green may seem like a painful task, but it's not. We promise.

Here are 6 ways to turn your office into a mean, green, energy saving machine.

Office Equipment Strategies

Get a multifunction printer (MFP)! MFPs offer more digitizing and printing options, as well as more printing security and control than any other device.

You can also print double-sided and digitize documents to retrieve online, which are ecofriendly features usually not available on regular printers.

An MFP solution is the right choice for the majority of offices.

A New Look at Paper

It is said the average U.S. office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of paper a year.

The solution: print double sided with an MFP.

Another option is to save the white sheets for important documents, and use chlorine-free paper for the rest. It reduces waste by using a higher percentage of post-consumer recycled content, and you can’t even tell the difference!

Welcome to the Digital World

MFPs allow you to scan documents and digitize them to email or save on your computer, making paper a thing of the past. Digital files can be easily searched and accessed on a server or a cloud.

Stop running around tracking down loose papers. Go green, go digital.

Print Supply Recycling Programs

Keep plastics, metals, and oils out of the landfill by recycling your toner cartridges.

Additionally, you can download a new typeface called Ecofont, which incorporates tiny, inkless circles that minimize ink usage by up to 20%.

Rules-Based Printing

Keep your employees in the loop. Letting them know you will be implementing a rules-based printing process will not only inform them, but also give them a chance to self-edit their heavy printing habits.

Groups work well when they have a goal to achieve, so try having a monthly challenge to see who can meet minimum usage goals.

Xerox says, “The most successful businesses monitor, inspect, and track everything from company cell phone usage…to company expenses, all in an effort to maximize productivity and minimize costs.”

Good for the Environment and Good for Business

Like it or not, the corporate world is now being judged by a collective social conscious that requires companies demonstrate environmental awareness.

Green strategies are highly marketable, easy to implement, and can result in a more stable company. It uniquely positions your company for success - and it’s a money saver!

TBXI can help you go green so you can start reaping the benefits of sustainability.